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Body Treatments and Massage

Massage              30 min $40.00
Massage               1 hr. $55.00
Ear Candling    
One candle in each ear                   30 min $50.00         
Two candles in each ear                   1 hr. $65.00
Centuries old, candling continues to be used as a soothing and relaxing treatment for the ears. A cylinder is gently placed in the ear and lit on the opposite end to create a slow vacuum. With no discomfort, old earwax and noxious toxins are removed; helping to relieve pressure, wax build-up, and inner ear blockage

Laser                                     $300.00 per hr


The laser can be used for permanent hair removal, tattoo removal, removal of birthmarks, sunspots, spider veins, and varicose veins

Microdermabrasion           15-30 min   $70.00   
       per treatment
This treatment is performed to reduce imperfections including acne, fine wrinkles, sun damage, and stretch marks. The procedure expedites the natural process of epidermal cell regeneration and improves skin texture and tone. Recapture the skin's original elasticity and clarity. Can also be used to improve stretch marks.

Package of 6                              $370.00  
Hands or Chest                              $20.00  
PreEnzyme Mask                      add $10.00  
Botox Injection
 10-30 min        
                            $13 per unit
Botox is injected into muscles in the upper portion of the facial area to reversibly paralyze the muscle. With this injection you can stop creating those unsightly wrinkles on the forehead between the eyes and crow's feet. This will take years off you appearance. Prices may vary depending on amount used.
Liquid Nitrogen            1st $50                             $10 Each additional
Liquid Nitrogen is used to flatten raised areas of flesh such as moles. Some conditions do require special pricing.

Selective Body Piercing    
Ears $20.00            Belly Button $40 plus ring
Earrings and belly button rings are availible for purchase or you may choose to bring your own. Must be 18 yrs old with valid ID. Minors must be accompanied by a parent.

Silk Light     45 min               $60.00
An invigorating deep mechanical massage that is performed over the entire body. various manipulations break up the connective tissue that creates the dimpling in the back of the legs and derriere. The treatment also increases the blood flow and lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxins from the body to help tighten and reshape the silhouette. Package of 18 (with complimentary 8oz body wash) $720.00

Silk Light w/ Body Wrap Packages                                                                     2hr      $80.00                              
This package includes an Aloe Herbal or Essential Oil Wrap with a Silk Light Treatment    Package of 18 $1080.00

Restylane or Juvederm Injections 15-30 min  
Restylane 0.5 ml $257.50
Restylane 1.0 ml $515.00
Juvederm 0.4 ml $350.00
Juvederm 1.0 ml $550.00
Juvederm Ultra+ 0.4 ml $380.00
Juvederm Ultra+ 1.0 ml $580.00
Restylane is a safe, natural cosmetic dermal filler that restores volume and fullness for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and lip enhancement. Prices may vary depending on amount used

Dead Sea Salt Glow
30 min $60.00
Journey to the banks of the Dead Sea and experience an invigorating, exfoliation and moisturizing body treatment. A mixture of scented oils and Dead Sea Salts is applied to the body, stimulation circulation, softening dry elbows and heels. The salts are then showered off, leaving the skin satin smooth and glowing. You may choose to include a clay masque while you recline in a heated blanket for 20 minutes for an extra $20.00.


Body Wraps



Aloe Herbal Body Wrap 1 hr. $55.00
This is a wonderful detoxifying treatment that promotes toning and inch loss. An aloe herbal solution gel is massaged into the client's body and then the client is wrapped in a plastic wrap. Next, the client is wrapped in a heated blanket for 45 minutes. This allows the client to relax while the heat opens the pores and draws out the impurities.
Package of 6 with bottle of Aloe Herbal Body Wash     $222.00
Package of 12 with bottle of Aloe Herbal Body Wash    $373.00


Permanent Cosmetics

Pigment is implanted into various areas of desired enhancement. We can create lips of various colors to add fullness and stop lipstick bleeding and rub off. Eyeliner is great to eliminate smudge throughout the day. Eyebrows can also be shaped to your specific desire to eliminate the daily ritual of drawing them on. Wake up everyday feeling and looking your best!

Full Lips 4 hrs $500.00
Lip Liner Only 2.5 hrs $275.00
Eyeliner-Top 1.5 hrs $150.00
OR Bottom Only    
Eyeliner-Both 2.5 hrs $300.00
Top AND Bottom    
Eyebrows 1.5 hrs $300.00
Full Face(Full Lips,Eyebrows, varies $1100.00
Top and Bottom Eyeliner    



Jan Marini Vitamin C Facial 1 hr. $75.00
The facial area is cleansed thoroughly and an enzyme peel is applied. Next, the facial and neck area are massaged to de-stress the entire body. After you are completely relaxed the face is warmed with towels to open pores to continue the cleaning process. Extractions are performed if necessary. A Vitamin C firming mask is applied next to calm any inflammation and lift and tighten the skin. After 15 minutes of rest, the mask is removed and skin care products are applied.
Package of 6 $295.00
Basic Facial 45 min. $55.00
The facial & neck area are cleansed followed by an exfoliation scrub. Next, you receive a massage of the face & neck area followed by a steaming with warm towels. A mask to suit your specific skin is then appiled. After the mask is removed, skin care products are applied using the Dermalogica skin care line.
Mini Facial 30 min. $40.00
The face & neck area are cleansed followed by an exfoliation scrub. Next, you receive a mini massage followed by a mask for your specific needs. After the mask is removed, skin care products are applied.
Extensive Extractions 15-30 min. $25.00
May cause facials to extend in time.
Glycolic Peel 15 min. $70.00
40% and 70% peels offer benefits for aged and photo damaged skin, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and scar reduction. This procedure especially appeals to the client who wants to measurably improve the appearance of their skin with a procedure that enables them to immediately apply makeup and continue with their usual activities.
Package of 6 $180.00
Glycolic Enzyme Peel 20-30 min. $50.00
A mixture of 40% to 70% glycolic acid & Enzyme Mask is applied to the facial and neck area to improve the appearance of aged, photo damaged, acneic, or scarred skin


Luxurious Spa Days

Call for customized packages.


Express Packages

Need a quick getaway, but don't have a lot of time? Try one of our Express Packages..

Express #1 1hr $55.00
Basic Manacure and Mini Facial.



Buff and Bronze   $45.00
It's the safest way to a flawless tan. Maintain a beautiful sunkissed appearance all year long, without harmful UV rays. 
Spray Tan    
Spray Tan available call for details.